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Greenfields Derivatives Pvt Ltd is solely engaged in manufacturing of Guar Meal since 2013, with promoters' own experience of 42 years in this industry. Greenfields produces its product Guar Meal under brand “GDPL - Panghea” with various variant such as Guar 70 PFR Roasted, Guar Microlam & Guar 60 PF for Feed consumption.

Our modern plant, with in house fully equipped lab, well experienced work force, proximity to main seaports, in house container stuffing, strict quality control and customized services, has brought to us recognition & rewards from the buyers world-wide and Government at home.

Guar Meal is by-product obtained from Guar Seed (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) of Leguminous plant. Guar Meal is a vegetable protein which is Rich in High Protein and carbohydrates. It has a very good digestibility for animals. Guar meal is 100% natural agricultural product made without adding any chemical or preservatives.

Its Amino Acid profile is very attractive further it has high percentage of energy contain. It is 100% Non – GMO and very good binding agent for pelletizing. Guar Meal can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuff or by itself as it is a complete nutritional feed.

Guar Meal is free from Salmonella, E-Coli & Aflatoxins. Guar meal is free – flowing product makes is fit to be stored in Silos also Guar Meal is non-flammable product. It has very high Oil & Albuminoid. Guar protein meal is a high-protein concentration raw material, digestible, palatable, safe. The whole seed contains High Hydrocolloids level (22-24%) used by food and feed industry as binder or thickener. Due to an improved technology, our Guar Meal contains up to 60% Raw protein. The additional high digestibility lipids bring the Profat value up to 70%. Guar Meal Protein is suitable for feed consumption as a protein concentrate raw material.

Guar Meal are thermally treated (steamed and roasted) in order to increase to excellence digestibility and palatability. They have excellent nutritional values at the lower cost than analogue protein sources. Our Products are special & customized according to E-412 European standard where we understand need of industry and offer tailor made product where we can offer Protein from 45% – 65% based on Amino acid, digestibility and its nutritional values.

Guar Meals are a high quality raw material whose main product is used for HUMAN CONSUMPTION (E412). Roasting, Lamination and Pelleting of germ flour bring to Guar Roasted Meals, top quality protein, fit to substitute higher quality protein Any animal species can be fed and all the Guar Meals are GMO FREE.

We, GREENFIELDS PVT LTD HEREBY DECLARE that the Guar Meal sold by us satisfy the following parameters:
  • PCB: conform to EEC rules.
  • GMO Free.
  • Melamine: absent.
  • Heavy metals: conform to EEC rules.
  • Moulds: conform to EEC rules.
  • Salmonella & Lysteria: conform to EEC rules.
  • Inhibents: absent.
  • Animal proteins: absent.
  • Other pollutants: conform to EEC rules.
  • Sustainable Product & production.