CSR Activities

Delivering to society for benefit of society

Social Responsibilities


M. J. Group and its subsidiaries believe in delivering to society which they earned from Society. Promoters of group believes in joy of giving hence since incorporation company has been involved in several program for society especially for farmers, poor people, education, animals & Health. We believe that Social responsibility is an ethical theory, in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty; the actions of an individual & company must benefit the whole of society. This is only way to balance economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment.

Constructed school and handed into to State Government; currently 800 girls at studying in that school; It is fully furnished building and best education is being provided there.


Constructed 200 Bed Hospital in Barmer and given to State Government for day to day operation; it is one of finest and best Hospital in Barmer managed by Government with full facilities for people of Barmer Promoters of MJ Group comes from Barmer (THAR) it an area where to find drinking water is biggest challenge; they understood this problem and Constructed several Water drinking points where good drinking standard water is being distributed FREE of charge to any kind of people.

Greenfields distributing Seed to Farmers in Gujarat in order to grow more Guar.
Greenfields helping in form of giving scholarship to students above certain grades for better education.
Greenfields has contributed into formation of Bird & Animal shelter places.

MJ Group & Greenfields in committed Ethical Business and Ethical Investment. Ethical investment has been a growing aspect of business investment since the 1970 and we are committed to following:
  • The environment
  • Sustainability
  • Globalization effects – such as exploitation, child-labour, social and environmental damage anywhere in the world.
  • Corruption, armed conflict and political issues.
  • Staff and customers relations - for instance education and training, health and safety, duty of care.
  • Local community.
  • Other social impacts on people's health and well-being